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Zack Snyder talks about creating his own Universe beyond Superman and Justice League | English Movie News – Times of India

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Recently, filmmaker Zack Snyder discussed his latest venture, the original Netflix franchise Rebel Moon, and the freedom he now enjoys beyond the constraints of the superhero genre.

Zack Snyder, renowned for his director’s cut of Justice League, has moved on from Warner Bros and the DC Extended Universe to explore new creative horizons with Netflix. Reflecting on his journey, he expressed his love for iconic characters like Batman and Superman but highlighted the limitations imposed by established superhero narratives, in an interview to Hindustan Times.

Zack said that he loved working with Batman and Superman, but they’re very particular and come with their own limitations. He emphasized facing creative challenges not only in the DC Extended Universe, but also in other comic book adaptations he’s undertaken, such as Watchmen (2009) and 300 (2007).
Despite transitioning to OTT, Zack acknowledges that working with a streaming platform comes with its own set of challenges. When Netflix suggested a shorter runtime for Rebel Moon, Zack proposed a two-part franchise instead to fully explore the expansive world he envisioned.
Rebel Moon is not just a film for Zack; it’s a passion project that transcends traditional boundaries. Unfettered by comic book adaptations, the project includes a graphic novel, a video game, a podcast, and an animated short and series. Zack envisions Rebel Moon as a mega-franchise, with plans for a trilogy of sequels, starting with Rebel Moon: Part Two – The Scargiver, scheduled for release on Netflix on April 19 next year.
Inspired by fantasy films from 1977 to 1987, Rebel Moon began as a pitch for a Star Wars movie before evolving into its own entity. Zack pays homage to the cinematic influences of his youth, citing films like Star Wars (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Heavy Metal (1981), Blade Runner (1982), Aliens (1986), Excalibur (1981), and Blue Velvet (1986).

In describing Rebel Moon as a love letter to the era’s sci-fi blockbusters, Zack hopes the project will captivate the current generation as profoundly as Star Wars did for him in his formative years.


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