When Twinkle Khanna revealed her father Rajesh Khanna’s dating advice to her: ‘Have four boyfriends at a time’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

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It’s legendary actor Rajesh Khanna‘s birth anniversary today and co-incidentally, his daughter Twinkle Khanna shares her birth date with him. Twinkle is known for her movies, but since the last few years, she’s made a huge niche with her writing, sense of humour and individuality. She’s a star literally on a social media with her opinions and articles.On the father-daughter duo’s birthday today, here’s recalling heartfelt post dropped by Twinkle.
Last year on this day, she shared a childhood photo with her father and wrote, “A bittersweet shared birthday and a lifetime of memories❤️”

A while ago, Twinkle had shared in an article on Tweak India that for her, father’s day comes in December. She had said, “All I know is what he said to my mother: That I was the best present she could have ever given him as I entered the world, feet first, on his 31st birthday.”
For those not in the know, Rajesh Khanna had married Dimple Kapadia on March 27, 1973. Twinkle was born in December 1974.
In this same article, Twinkle had revealed the best dating advice which she got from her father. She had revealed that he told her to have four boyfriends at a time, in order to safeguard her heart from ever being broken. However, the actress said that she never told him that the only man with the power to break her heart was none other than her father.
Twinkle also had no regrets about not always having her father by her side as Dimple and Rajesh had a rough marriage later on. However, Twinkle was sure deep inside that she could always count on him, even though he was not always by her side.


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