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A Tesla engineer was reportedly attacked by an assembly robot after it suffered a malfunction at the company’s Giga Texas factory near Austin in the US. According to a report in the Daily Mail, quoting an injury report, two employees watched in horror as their fellow employee was attacked by the robot. The robot that attacked was designed to grab and move freshly cast aluminium car parts.
How the attack took place
The robot reportedly pinned the man, who was then programming software for two disabled Tesla robots nearby. He then sank its metal claws into the worker’s back and arm, leaving a ‘trail of blood’ along the factory surface. The incident is said to have left the victim with an ‘open wound’ on his left hand. The attack occurred in 2021 and was revealed in an injury report report filed to Travis county and federal regulators. DailyMail.com claims to have reviewed the report.
The report further adds that as the bleeding Tesla engineer attempted to wrestle free from the assembly robot’s grasp, a fellow worker hit an emergency ‘stop’ button. Once free, the engineer reportedly fell a couple of feet down a chute designed to collect scrap aluminium.
Incidentally, no other robot-related injures were reported to regulators by Tesla at the Texas factory in either 2021 or 2022. The incident comes amid years of heightened concerns over the risks of automated robots in the workplace.
Industrial robot crushes worker to death
Earlier this year, an industrial robot crushed a worker to death at a vegetable packaging plant in South Korea. According to police officials in the southern county of Goseong, the man died of head and chest injuries after he was grabbed and pressed against a conveyor belt by the Robot’s arms. The deceased employee was of the company that instals industrial robots and was sent to the plant to examine whether the machine was working properly. The machine was one of two pick-and-place robots used at the facility that packages bell peppers and other vegetables exported to other Asian countries, police said.


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