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WhatsApp is reportedly testing Apple SharePlay-like feature – Times of India


WhatsApp has recently rolled out the latest beta version on iOS. The update brings a new feature that will allow users to share audio and video during video calls. The feature, according to WABetaInfo, will be available for users during video calls when the screen-sharing feature is active.
This means, the feature can be considered as an extension of the screen-sharing feature.If you don’t know, currently WhatsApp’s screen-sharing feature allows users to share non-protected video content with others during video calls. With the feature, users can now share audio as well and listen to it together with all the participants in the video call.
The feature is being tested on the beta version of the app on iOS and it is currently available for select TestFlight users right now. We expect WhatsApp will expand it to other platforms as well as more users worldwide before officially rolling it out in the stable version of the app.
How the feature works
The functionality of the new audio-sharing feature appears to be pretty straightforward. Once the user has established a video call, as the feature does not work on audio calls, they can share their screen with the other user or participants in case of group video calls.
After this, they can simply play a video file they want to share and WhatsApp will now transfer the screen content ( that it does when the screen sharing is on) along with the audio.
Recently, WhatsApp has started testing a new feature that allows users to make WhatsApp more protected against attacks and scams. This includes a new Safety Tool that lets users block or report contacts.


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