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Katrina Kaif shared in a recent interview that her co-star Vijay Sethupathi didn’t speak to her much during the shoot of their latest film Merry Christmas, directed by Sriram Raghavan. She mentioned her conversation with Varun Dhawan, who worked with Sriram in Badlapur, and suggested that perhaps the director had instructed Vijay not to engage in much conversation with her.But Vijay revealed his reasons for not talking much to the actress.

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During her conversation with Pinkvilla , Katrina praised Vijay and said that he is very philosophical and very wise. She also added that he is not a big conversationalist. She also revealed about a moment on the sets when she began to question herself as not many people were talking to her on the sets and she was discussing it with Varun Dhawan as he’s worked with Sriram before. And Varun told her that it was because the director had told everyone not to talk to you.
Sriram came to his defense saying, he doesn’t think so he said anything of this sort to anyone.But the final twist came when Vijay revealed that he didn’t speak to Katrina on the sets because he was afraid of her. He added that he’s new to the Hindi industry, while Katrina’s very well experienced and is a big star. Katrina just couldn’t believe her ears when Vijay said this.


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