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  • UNSC OKs toned-down Gaza aid resolution, US abstains – Times of India

UNSC OKs toned-down Gaza aid resolution, US abstains – Times of India


Call For ‘Urgent Suspension Of Hostilities’ Dropped From Text After Days Of Talks To Avoid Veto By Washington
The United Nations Security Council on Friday adopted a resolution calling for a surge in aid to desperate civilians in the Gaza Strip, ending nearly a week of intense diplomatic wrangling intended to ensure that the US would not block the measure. The vote was 13-0 in favor of the resolution, with the US and Russia abstaining. The final version of the resolution did not call for pauses in the fighting at the insistence of the US and was unlikely to affect the fighting in Gaza, where about 20,000 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli military assault.
The resolution was adopted after Council diplomats repeatedly delayed the vote this week and reworked the measure in intense negotiations aimed at winning support from the White House and its allies in the Israeli government.
“We know this is not a perfect text, we know only a ceasefire will stop the suffering,” said Lana Nusseibeh, the ambassador for the UAE who has been leading the negotiations. The US had previously vetoed two resolutions calling for a ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas. That put Washington at odds with other major powers and with the Arab world.
Friday’s resolution, put forward by the UAE, the only Arab country currently on the 15-member council, called on the warring parties in Gaza to allow the use of “all available routes” into Gaza for aid deli veries, according to a draft that was circulated before the vote. The draft also dropped a call for the “urgent suspension of hostilities” from an earlier version, instead calling for “urgent steps” to allow unhindered humanitarian access and the creation of “conditions for asustainable cessation of hostilities.”
The US had rejected an earlier version of the resolution that put the UN in char ge of inspecting aid shipments for weapons and other contraband, arguing that Israel should be involved in the process to make it workable. Even though she did not vote in favor of the resolution, Linda ThomasGreenfield, the US ambassador to the UN, said it “speaks to the severity of the crisis and it calls on all of us to do more.” Ms. Thomas-Greenfield did not explain why the US had abstained but said she was deeply disappointed that the resolution did not condemn Hamas’s terrorist attack on Israel.
Russia’s ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said US’ efforts to change the text to their liking were “cynical and shameful” and “not transparent.” He said the resolution had been diluted to the point that it gives “Israeli forces the greenlight to commit war crimes.”


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