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Top 20 ‘city destinations’ in the world in 2023


Travelling is one of the most favoured hobbies around the world. Since travel restrictions were eased after the Covid pandemic, travelling has picked up as it’s a great way for people to relax and explore the world. Business travelling is also quite common as some people have to travel for work related matters, entrepreneurship, business deals etc.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands ranks at the 5th position among top 20 ‘city destinations’ in the world in 2023(Getty Images)
Amsterdam in the Netherlands ranks at the 5th position among top 20 ‘city destinations’ in the world in 2023(Getty Images)

Euromonitor International has released a list of cities around the world which have been greatly favoured by people due to fantastic tourism infrastructure, economic and business activity. In its report, cities around the world have been ranked on criteria including tourism, sustainability, economic performance and health and safety.

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France’s capital city Paris has been given the top rank in the report. Interestingly, seven out of the top 10 cities are from Europe. In the top 10 ranking, Dubai at No. 2, Tokyo at No.4 and New York at No. 8 are the only non-European cities.

As per the report, European cities have got better ranks due to “fast-paced urbanization and widespread technology adoption.”

“Improving sustainability, transportation networks and social impact are some of the key goals cities are embracing today to increase competitiveness, improve their tourism offer and deliver a seamless customer journey,” Euromonitor International was quoted as saying by CNN.

Besides Dubai and Tokyo, the other Asian cities which got ranked among the top 20 are Singapore (11), Seoul (14), Osaka (16) and Hong Kong (17).

The top 20 cities in Euromonitor’s Top 100 City Destinations Index 2023 are:

1. Paris, France

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. Madrid, Spain

4. Tokyo, Japan

5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

6. Berlin, Germany

7. Rome, Italy

8. New York, United States

9. Barcelona, Spain

10. London, United Kingdom

11. Singapore

12. Munich, Germany

13. Milan, Italy

14. Seoul, South Korea

15. Dublin, Ireland

16. Osaka, Japan

17. Hong Kong

18. Vienna, Austria

19. Los Angeles, United States

20. Lisbon, Portugal


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