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  • Title: Unstoppable: A Rollercoaster Ride of Laughter and Entertainment in hindi How to download in HD

Title: Unstoppable: A Rollercoaster Ride of Laughter and Entertainment in hindi How to download in HD

Title: Unstoppable: A Rollercoaster Ride of Laughter and Entertainment


Unstoppable is a hilarious and action-packed Indian comedy film that takes viewers on a wild and unpredictable journey. Written and directed by Diamond Rathnababu, the movie features a talented ensemble cast, including VJ Sunny, Saptagiri, Nakshatra, and Aqsa Khan. With its focus on providing pure entertainment, Unstoppable delivers a mindless, fun-filled flick that is sure to leave audiences laughing out loud.


The story revolves around the lives of childhood buddies Kohinoor Kalyan, played by VJ Sunny, and Jilani Ramdas, portrayed by Saptagiri. These two friends find themselves in a bit of a pickle after they bet on a cricket match using money they borrowed from their mothers. Unfortunately, luck is not on their side, and they end up losing it all.

However, their lives take an unexpected turn when they stumble upon a bank account that has been mistakenly credited with a whopping sum of twenty lakhs. Little do they know that this twist of fate will lead them to cross paths with the notorious criminal Gyanavela Raja, also known as Khadar, portrayed by Vikram Aditya.

As Kalyan and Ramdas find themselves embroiled in a web of chaos and hilarity, their girlfriends Apple, aka Bandar (Aqsa Khan), and Time Table Tulasi (Nakshatra) are dragged into their misadventures. With the stakes getting higher and their lives in danger, the group must navigate through a series of comical and action-packed situations.

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Unstoppable, true to its name, delivers an unstoppable dose of laughter and entertainment. Diamond Rathnababu’s direction ensures that the film maintains a fast-paced and engaging narrative throughout. While the plot may not be the film’s strongest point, it is the performances and comic timing of the cast that truly shine.

VJ Sunny and Saptagiri deliver solid performances, effortlessly blending humor and action. Sunny impresses with his charismatic presence and handles the film’s action sequences with style. Sapthagiri, a seasoned comedian, brings his impeccable comic timing to the forefront and steals the show with his hilarious antics and one-liners.

The female leads, Aqsa Khan and Nakshatra, also leave a lasting impression with their performances. Khan’s portrayal of Apple/Bandar adds charm and energy to the film, while Nakshatra brings depth to her character as Time Table Tulasi, a reel star. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, adding to the film’s overall entertainment value.

The supporting cast, including Bithiri Sathi as Tyre Sathi, Prudhvi as Ilakatamafiya Baba, and Lirisha Kunapareddy as Balanagar Balakka, provide additional comic relief and contribute to the overall hilarity of the film. Noted actors like Raja Ravindra, Posani Krishna Murali, and Raghu Babu add their own flavor to the mix, enhancing the humor and dynamics of the narrative.

The film’s music, composed by Bheems Ceciroleo, complements the energetic nature of the story. The catchy tunes and lively choreography keep the audience engaged and entertained. Cinematographer Venumuralidhar captures the vibrant visuals, while editor SB Udhav ensures a seamless flow of the narrative.


Unstoppable: A Rollercoaster Ride of Laughter and Entertainment is a film that embraces its purpose: to entertain. While it may not rely heavily on a strong storyline or logical coherence, it delivers on its promise of providing mindless fun and laughter. The talented cast, led by VJ Sunny and Saptagiri, deliver commendable performances, supported by a lively and engaging ensemble.

With its blend of comedy, action, and over-the-top entertainment, Unstoppable offers a vibrant and energetic narrative that is sure to appeal to those seeking a lighthearted and enjoyable cinematic experience. While it may not be a film that delves deep into profound themes, it succeeds in providing pure entertainment and leaving audiences with a smile on their faces.

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