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The Worst of Evil: Cast, Release Date, Plot and more – Times of India

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Ji Chang-wook and Wi Ha-joon starrer ‘The Worst of Evil’ has dropped on OTT today and the first reviews are pouring in. Fans are impressed with the intense scenes and powerful dialogues in this thriller drama, whose three episodes were available for streaming. From cast details to plot and release date updates, here’s all you need to know about The Worst of Evil.
The Worst of Evil: Cast revealed
Suspicious Partner‘ actor Ji Chang-wook essays the role of tough cop Park Jun-mo, who takes on the task to infiltrate a dangerous drug network.
Wi Ha-joon as Jung Gi-cheol, plays the kingpin of a drug cartel Gangnam Alliance, which orchestrates exorbitant and illegal drug deals between Korea, China and Japan. A traumatic past looms over him, but Jung Gi-cheol refuses to let it come in the way of his aspirations.
Im Se-mi plays the role of Yoo Eui-jung, wife of Park Joon-mo’s wife and also a narcotics officer.
During a presentation, Ji Chang-wook elaborated over his character and shared, “After Tae-ho’s demise, I assumed the role of his cousin and infiltrated Gangnam. I strategically devised a plan to avoid arousing suspicion from Ki- music. Chief prosecutor Cho Chang-sik vows to dismantle all the drug cartels operating in Gangnam, prompting the establishment of a specialized drug investigation headquarters. That’s when Seok Do-hyung recommends Jun-mo. Ui-jeong, an exceptional police officer, also joins the undercover mission.”
This series also features Bibi, Lee Shin-ki, Woo Kang-min and Keum Kwang-san in pivotal supporting roles.
The Worst of Evil: Plot details
The Worst of Evil is set in the 1990s in the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea. In the initial episodes, Japanese authorities task Chief Prosecutor Cho Chang-sik to aid their probe of illicit drug trade originating from Korea. He launches an investigation of a new drug called Gangnam Crystal. In the following episodes, Park Jun-mo goes undercover and is faced with his adversary, the kingpin of the drugs nexus, Jung Gi-cheol. Park Jun-mo’s successful infiltration into the crime organization, his parallel probe in the nexus and Yoo Eui-jung’s powerful narrative will form the crux of future episodes.
What to expect from The Worst of Evil?
High octane drama, unexpected plot twists and impressive performances will dominate this intense drama. The initial reactions to Ji Chang-wook and Wi Ha-joon’s performances has been received positively, leaving fans wanting for more!
Where to watch The Worst of Evil; Episodic release dates revealed
The team began shooting for this thriller drama in August, 2022 and wrapped the shoot by April, 2023. The first three episodes of The Worst of Evil were released on Disney+ Hotstar on September 27. The makers will be unveiling new episodes every week, so stay glued for fresh updates in this thrilling crime drama.

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