Tanuj Virwani Reveals Mom Rati Agnihotri’s Reaction To His Wedding News: “She Was The Happiest”

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Tanuj Virwani Reveals Mom Rati Agnihotri's Reaction To His Wedding News: 'She Was The Happiest'

Image was shared on Instagram. (courtesy: tanujvirwani)

For Tanuj Virwani, Christmas 2023 is going to be a special day. Reason? The actor will get married to his longtime partner, Tanya Jacob, on December 25 at Lonavala. In a recent conversation with India Today, Tanuj opened up about how his mother, veteran actress Rati Agnihotri, reacted to the news of their marriage. He said, “My mom has been breathing down my neck since I turned 30. Like any concerned parent, they wanted me to settle down. When I broke the news, she was the happiest as they get along really well. For me, it was extremely happy as we belong to small neutral families, and we are also planning to live with my parents.” 

Tanuj Virwani also discussed his preference for an intimate wedding over a grand celebration. He expressed, “It’s quite a size zero wedding. We were contemplating to have that but honestly, I have seen so many grooms and brides ready to pass out by the end of it. So we decided that this is not what we will do at our wedding so we have curated the events keeping that in mind. The wedding will happen at my farmhouse with not too many people. And we plan to have a blast.” 

Tanuj Virwani explained that he chose to keep his relationship private for an extended period because he learned from past mistakes. He noted that being too open about his personal life often shifted the focus away from his work.

“I was averse to a long-distance relationship as I think I am not good with that. Also, I am already 37 and didn’t want to spend another few years just dating. That’s how organic it was. Even the proposal was not some big romantic gesture. We have been gravitating toward each other for a long time, and given she (Tanya Jacob) was based in Singapore, we knew marriage would help us work it out,” Tanuj Virwani added.

Tanuj Virwani and Tanya Jacob marked their engagement with a celebration alongside family and friends on November 17 in Singapore.


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