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Smartphone storage full? Here are five things you can do to free up storage space – Times of India


Smartphones today have become an extension of human self. People rely on them not only to connect with friends and family, but also access apps and services including social media platforms, access apps and capture a lot of photos.
All this consumes storage and it is a common thing to see regular prompts about storage getting full all the time.
Here are five things to do to free up some storage space in your phone:
Delete unnecessary apps:
Begin by decluttering your device from unused or rarely used applications.Go through your app list and identify those that no longer serve a purpose. Remove them by uninstalling to instantly reclaim valuable storage space. Additionally, consider alternatives that offer similar functionalities but occupy less space.
Clear cached data:
Over time, apps accumulate cached data that can consume a significant portion of your storage. These temporary files are designed to enhance the app’s performance, but they can also take up unnecessary space. Head to your device settings, locate the “Storage” or “Storage Management” section, and clear cached data. This simple step can free up several megabytes or even gigabytes of storage.
Move photos and videos to the cloud
Media files, particularly photos and videos, often constitute a large portion of your device’s storage. Instead of storing them locally, consider using cloud services like Google Photos or iCloud to back up your media. Once uploaded, you can safely delete them from your device, ensuring that your precious memories are securely stored while creating more space on your smartphone.
Manage downloads and files
Review your download folder and file manager regularly to identify and delete unnecessary files. This includes documents, PDFs, and miscellaneous downloads that may have accumulated over time. Be cautious not to delete critical system files, but removing redundant data can significantly improve your smartphone’s storage situation.
Optimise app settings
Some apps offer settings that allow you to control the amount of data they store on your device. Navigate to the settings of individual apps and check for options such as offline content, download quality, or cache size. Adjusting these settings can help reduce the amount of storage an app consumes without sacrificing essential functionalities.


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