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During Christmas, adorned trees, cozy gatherings, and the aroma of plum cakes fill the air. Amidst the festive cheer, the timeless tradition of wine and raisins transcends faith boundaries, creating a universal celebration.
Seasonal Pairings:
Wine, a global symbol of celebration, takes centre stage during winter, particularly around Christmas. “Age-old custom links this warming beverage to the season’s festivities, believed to ward off the winter blues and ailments.What started as a practical remedy evolved into a cherished tradition, with families crafting flavourful wines during the winter months, especially for Christmas. To craft a bottle of wine, the journey begins with an astounding 400 grapes. Straw wine, alternatively known as raisin wine, emerges from grapes carefully dried off the vine, intensifying their flavors. These raisin wines, steeped in tradition, offer not only a rich taste but also a trove of health benefits,” says Bola Kamat, Director of a popular dry fruits brand.
Raisins, in general, boast numerous health advantages and their incorporation into wines adds an intriguing twist to the festive season. The production of wine involves the meticulous process of crushing and de-stemming dried grapes, ushering in fermentation—a crucial phase preceding aging and bottling.
“The health benefits of raisins are manifold. Their antioxidant capacity, linked to phenolic content, contributes to improved cardiovascular health. Raisins also play a role in maintaining oral health, thanks to antibacterial properties, low adherence to teeth, and an optimal oral pH. The polyphenols present in wine, particularly resveratrol, have gained recognition for promoting heart health and protecting blood vessel linings,” shares Kamat.
Moreover, the catechins found in raisins offer anticarcinogenic benefits, actively preventing the onset of cancer. Essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols in raisins collectively combat free radicals, ensuring cellular protection. As we approach the festive season, these health benefits become more than just a pleasant side effect—they become a reason to savor the season’s offerings.


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