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Shots fired at residence of son of Lakshmi Narayan Mandir president in Canada | India News – Times of India


NEW DELHI: Gunshots were fired at the residence of an Indian-origin man in Canada’s Surrey on Wednesday (Local time). Following this, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has been investigating the incident.
The shooting occurred early on December 27, at the residence of the son of Satish Kumar, the president of Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, in Canada. The incident took place at a home in the 14900 block of 80 Avenue, Surrey. The police confirmed that no one was injured in the event.
Constable Parmbir Kahlon, Media Relations Officer for the Surrey Police, reported that the residence showed damage indicative of bullet impacts.
Constable Kahlon stated, “On December 27, 2023 at approximately 8:03 am, Surrey RCMP responded a to a report of shots fired at a residence in the 14900 block of 80 Avenue. No one was injured during the incident, but the residence involved sustained damage consistent with bullet holes. Police remained in the area, examining the scene, speaking with witnesses and canvassing the neighbourhood for CCTV footage. The Surrey RCMP General Investigation Unit has conduct of the investigation. Officers are still working to determine the motive of this incident. Anyone with more information, including dash cam footage of the incident, is asked to contact the Surrey RCMP” the Surrey Police said in its press release.

After Canada, Hindu temple vandalised with anti-India, pro-Khalistan graffiti in US

Earlier in the morning, it was reported that Khalistani radicals are being suspected to be behind the attack.
While the investigation is underway, and the motives and identities of the perpetrators remain unknown, there is no confirmed connection between this attack and the recent threats received by the Lakshmi Narayan Mandir in Surrey.
Recently, Hindu temples in Canada have faced recurring attacks, with instances of vandalism and anti-India sentiments, raising concerns about hate crimes against the Hindu-Canadian community.
In November, Canadian MP of Indian origin, Chandra Arya, highlighted the growing concerns about pro-Khalistani elements in Surrey. Arya referred to a video suggesting that these groups were targeting the Hindu Lakshmi Narayan Mandir in Surrey. He noted, “Last week, Khalistan supporters reportedly harassed a Sikh family outside a Gurdwara in Surrey, BC. It now seems the same group is targeting the Hindu Lakshmi Narayan Mandir.”

‘Those responsible will be…’: US condemns desecration of Swaminarayan Temple in California

Arya underscored the pattern of attacks on Hindu temples in recent years, pointing to the rising hate crimes against Hindu-Canadians.
Moreover, a Hindu temple was vandalised in Canada by extremist elements with Khalistan referendum posters in August this year. In April this year, BAPS Swaminarayan temple was vandalised with anti-India graffiti in Windsor, in Canada’s Ontario. Meanwhile, in February, the Ram Mandir in Canada’s Mississauga was vandalised with anti-India graffiti. In January, a Hindu temple in Brampton was defaced with anti-India graffiti, triggering outrage among the Indian community.
(With inputs from agencies)


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