Shock & awe: AI blitz rings in new tech age amid layoff fears – Times of India

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The year 2023 has been all about AI becoming mainstream. Before the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, the AI age was something that seemed far away just like how electric cars did before that.
Sam Altman-led Open AI’s ChatGPT tool, touted as the biggest thing that has happened to the internet since Google Search, forced tech companies to advance the development of AI products in 2023. A slide in tech stocks too was eventually arrested when a webpage said: ‘Hello! How can I assist you today?’ In the New Year, a lot will be riding on how effective real-life applications of AI will be.
ChatGPT and other similar tools were used to create poetry, make travel itineraries, curate stocks, write exams and code for software.
It was in the second half of the year that what many had feared AI would entail started to become visible — job losses. Some may have even brought it upon themselves unknowingly: A section of junior content creators risks losing their jobs as an overdependence on AI tools has taken away the ‘human touch’ that they brought to bosses’ tables.
In the tech industry, too, the automation of certain repetitive tasks has made some roles redundant — Paytm recently announced that AI is enabling it to cut costs with a slimmer workforce. So job losses or not, AI is set to change the way we work in 2024 forever.


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