Shah Rukh Khan responds to critics: “Opinions are like…”; happy with ‘Dunki’ success – Times of India

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Emphasizing his focus on personal convictions rather than external opinions, SRK’s response showcased his characteristic humor and resilience. In another interaction, he shed light on his definition of fitness, attributing it to contentment and cherishing joyful moments with loved ones, underscoring the importance of positivity in his life.Amidst this engaging social media interaction, Shah Rukh Khan is happy with the success of his recent release, ‘Dunki’.The film, which hit screens on December 21, narrates the heartfelt journey of friends aspiring to relocate overseas, exploring the challenges they encounter along the unconventional path they choose, termed the Donkey Flight. Garnering praise and earning over Rs 150 crore at the Indian box office, ‘Dunki’ has struck a chord with audiences.
Reports have surfaced about an exclusive screening of ‘Dunki’ scheduled in Mumbai on December 28, drawing dignitaries from numerous countries, including the US, UK, France, South Korea, and Australia. Representatives from Belgium, Germany, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Turkey, and the Netherlands are also anticipated to attend the event, indicating the film’s global appeal and growing international interest.

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