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SCR added 383 km track in 2022-23, says general manager


South Central Railway (SCR) added 383.85 km to its rail network, bringing rail connectivity to several new areas, and also electrified a 1,017 route km during 2022-23, the highest addition in a financial year, said general manager Arun Kumar Jain on Friday.

Addressing officers and staff on the occasion of the 68th railway week at Rail Nilayam, he said several steps have been taken to enhance capacity and maximum speed along all the routes in the Golden Quadrilateral and Golden Diagonal.

The zone has been continuously easing the congestion on its network by modifying major yards, creating intermediate signals, commissioning longer loops and removing permanent speed restrictions among others. Earnings during the last financial year (2022-23) touched ₹21,635.49 crore, which is the highest in its history.

The financial year also witnessed the best-ever originating freight loading of 131.854 million tonnes and ₹13,051.09 crore as originating freight revenue. About 80 manned-level crossings were eliminated, 78 road-under-bridges/limited height subways were built and 449 km of track renewal was completed. Also, RPF personnel rescued around 1,200 runaway and destitute children, said Mr. Jain.

He also informed that as part of Amrit Bharat Station scheme, 119 railway stations across the zone are being redeveloped with an estimated cost of nearly ₹7,000 crore for providing world-class amenities, aesthetic interiors, elegant façade and a host of features commensurate with the aspirations of new-age rail passengers.

The overall best performance efficiency shield was presented to Secunderabad and Vijayawada divisions jointly. The shield was received by the respective DRMs Bhartesh Kumar Jain and A. Narendra Patil.

The GM also presented 35 other zonal-level efficiency shields to various divisions and workshops. Another 77 individual awards were also presented to the officers and staff in recognition of their meritorious contribution. Additional GM R. Dhananjayalu and others were present, said a press release.


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