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Santana Roach, who made her debut as Midge Klump in the Netflix film ‘The Archies’, opens with ETimes about her journey alongside star kids, working with Zoya Akhtar, and the Anglo-Indian community as portrayed in the film.
How did you land the role of midge Klump in Archies?
I auditioned for the part with Karan Mally and Nandini Srikanth, and I’m grateful to them for giving me this chance.About 2–3 weeks later, I received a call confirming that I had gotten the part. I was in my room at home in Delhi, and my reaction was so ecstatic that I screamed so loudly that my mom and dad rushed in from the other end of our house, concerned. It was a hilarious and, of course, unforgettable moment.
What was your experience working on Archies alongside Suhana and Khushi?
I adore and love both Suhana and Khushi! These two exceptionally talented girls always radiated so much love and genuine goodness. I’ve had numerous close and emotional moments with both of them. We constantly pushed and motivated each other on sets, and I always cherished the positive energy that comes with our girl time.
Is Zoya a taskmaster or easygoing? What was your experience working with her?
Zoya created such a comforting and secure environment to work in. Every nerve-wracking day would instantly become better as soon as she would greet us in the morning. Honestly, there were times when I wished our shoot day wouldn’t end. Watching her work is a delight; I would read the scenes and then witness her bring them to life in a beautifully unique way. She has a mind that works in a direction you aspire to have, and she is truly fabulous.
Archie’s showcased the Anglo-Indian community; since you are a part of the community, how authentic is the portrayal? Is there anything that you disagree with?
Zoya has accurately captured the essence with precision, from the music and dishes to the slang, dancing, and frequent parties. The depiction, including elements like plum pudding, vividly resonates with the experiences I had at parties during my childhood. Watching the film is like a nostalgic journey for my family and me, filled with familiar references that transport us through the years. We can enjoy the movie repeatedly just to relive those moments.
Your debut comes along with Suhana, Khushi, and Agastya; there was a clear risk of being overshadowed. It’s bold on your part to take this project up. What was your thought process behind nodding “yes”?
It’s Zoya Akhtar; I would’ve not thought twice, even if I wanted to. Working with her has always been a childhood dream of mine, and as soon as I found out she was directing it, I knew I genuinely wanted this opportunity. I am incredibly grateful that Zoya entrusted me with this chance.
Archie’s must have been a huge exposure for you. What next?
It’s a significant leap in exposure for me. Currently, I’m shooting for a web show for an OTT platform, working with a respected director and star-studded cast. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal too many details at the moment, but I hope to share more about it soon. I’m genuinely thrilled and looking forward to it.

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