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Rockstar hit with another cyberattack, leaked GTA 5 source code reveal cancelled DLC plans – Times of India


US-based gaming studio Rockstar Games has been hit by another cyber incident. In the latest attack, cybercriminals leaked the full source code for the studio’s popular open-world crime game Grand Theft Auto 5 on the internet. According to a report by Insider Gaming, 100GB of code was leaked in the latest data breach. Apart from GTA 5 source code, some Python code for the upcoming sequel, Grand Theft Auto 6 as well as files from another cancelled Rockstar Games sequel, Bully 2 was also leaked.
The leaked GTA 5 source code revealed references to as many as eight unreleased single-player DLC packs. Here are the titles for these alleged DLC packs that never saw the light of the day:

  • SP Assassination Pack
  • SP Manhunt Pack
  • SP Norman Pack
  • Agent Trevor
  • Relationship Pack
  • Enterprise Pack
  • Prologue DLC
  • LibertyV DLC

What happened to these DLCs
The names of the cancelled single-player DLC packs suggest how Rockstar was planning to add them to the game. For example, the Prologue DLC would’ve taken place before the story events of GTA 5. Meanwhile, the Enterprise Pack title would have added more business-oriented parts to the game. On the other hand, the Relationship Pack might have been a reference to adding more romantic encounters in the game.

However, Rockstar decided not to move forward with any single-player DLC packs. Instead, the studio launched the GTA Online version of the game and released multiple DLC packs for the online multiplayer portion of GTA 5. This also turned out to be the correct decision for Rockstar as GTA Online generated a lot of money for the company and continued to boost sales of the main game.
Earlier this month, Rockstar also released the first-ever official trailer for GTA 6. The trailer confirms that the game is set in Vice City. The game is set to arrive for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles in 2025.


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