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Parliament breach: Delhi cops take help of UP Police to find cobbler who modified shoes of accused | India News – Times of India


NEW DELHI: In the ongoing investigation of the recent Parliament security breach, Delhi Police has sought the help of its Lucknow counterparts to trace a ‘cyclist cobbler‘. This person is believed to have altered the shoes of the accused, Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D, enabling them to conceal smoke canisters, according to sources.
The police intend to enlist the cobbler as a witness.Sagar initially attempted to modify the shoes on his own but, after failing, sought the services of this itinerant cobbler in Alambagh, Lucknow, Delhi Police sources said.
A team of police previously visited Lucknow this month in search of the cobbler but to no avail.
On December 13, the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament terror attack, Sagar and Manoranjan caused a significant security lapse by jumping into the Lok Sabha chamber from the public gallery. They set off yellow smoke from canisters and chanted slogans before being subdued by MPs.

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The duo managed to enter Parliament with visitors’ passes obtained through the help of Mysuru Lok Sabha member Pratap Simha.
During questioning, Sagar disclosed his attempt to create shoes with a concealed compartment, noting that footwear was not inspected at Parliament entry points. Unsuccessful in his DIY efforts, he approached a cobbler in Alambagh, buying two pairs of shoes for Rs 595 each from a nearby shop.
The cobbler’s modifications involved cutting the inside sole of the left shoe and adding extra rubber to support the cavity. The right shoe also showed signs of tampering, as stated in the FIR.

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Despite their efforts, the Delhi Police Special Cell’s visit to Lucknow didn’t yield results in locating the cobbler. They did, however, interrogate several local cobblers based on Sagar’s statements.
In addition to seeking the cobbler as a witness, the police recovered shoes, soles, and a shoe size ruler from Sagar’s residence in Ramnagar, Alambagh. They also found a diary and books about freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, whom Sagar admires, as evidenced by his social media activity.
The incident seemed to mirror Bhagat Singh’s historic act of bomb-throwing in the Central Assembly during the British era. Sagar, a 12th-grade graduate and e-rickshaw driver, comes from a modest background with his father being a carpenter and his mother a housewife.
Statements from Sagar’s family, friends, and the shoe shop owner have been recorded by the police.
In this case, alongside Sagar and Manoranjan, four others – Neelam, Amol Shinde, Lalit Jha, and Mahesh Kumawat – have been arrested and charged under the stringent Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.


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