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ISLAMABAD: The Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) deputy chief and former foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi was manhandled and re-arrested by police upon his release from prison in Rawalpindi on Wednesday, after being granted bail in the cipher case by the Supreme Court last week.
The Rawalpindi deputy commissioner issued his detention order under section 3 of the maintenance of public order (3-MPO), a public safety law granting authorities the power to arrest and detain suspected people. Qureshi was taken back into custody on suspicion of his involvement in an attack on the army’s general headquarters during protests against Imran’s arrest on May 9 in an alleged graft case.
Accusing the government of arresting him in a bogus case, Qureshi said: “I am innocent and being politically victimised. Oppression, injustice. This is a mockery of the Supreme Court’s order.” On December 22, the SC had granted bail to jailed former PM Imran Khan and Qureshi in the cipher case, linked to the alleged leaking of state secrets.
The government order justifying Qureshi’s re-arrest alleged his affiliation with a political party engaged in anti-state activities, causing damage to public and private property.
PTI shared footage of Qureshi’s arrest on Instagram, showing him inside the jail gate and trying to talk to the police officers standing outside. He was then pushed out the gate and forcibly taken towards an armoured vehicle by men in Punjab police uniform.
The party condemned the re-arrest in a tweet. “The disgraceful arrest of Shah Mahmood Qureshi after the Supreme Court granted him bail is a slap on the face of the judiciary and justice system.”


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