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Orry opens up about his fallout with Sara Ali Khan: ‘We were best friends in college then suddenly we drifted apart’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

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Orry, aka Orhan Awatramani, who has made the internet wondering about who he really is and what he does, recently conducted an AMA session on Reddit where he talked about his fallout with Sara Ali Khan and their current equation with each other.
Clarifying his alleged feud with Sara and criticising her through a fake account on Reddit, Orry said that they were once best friends in college and then they suddenly got separated after graduation.Later, they again got back together during lockdown.
“Let me tell you something about Sara Ali Khan, we were best friends in college ewI know right ? And then suddenly we drifted apart over night after we graduated .. but suddenly came back together during lock down where we were attached by the hip and people would say ‘inseparable’.. shortly after I moved to the UK to farm (yes that’s true) and she stayed in India to pursue her career in acting… and I guess when I came back we were both different people with different motivations and ambitions, on different wavelengths but 100% still dear old friends. There has never been a phone call that she has not picked up of mine and vice versa,” Orry wrote.
When one user asked Orry if Sara is serious about acting or she’s just doing it to ‘please her mom’, he replied, “I can with whole confidence say, that girl eats, breaths and drinks acting as a career. It is the only thing she is passionate about and it’s on her mind 24×7. She is a full time actor, on screen and off and you have you reward her for that, and just like her mom, she is a strong independent woman, does not do anything to please anyone.”

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Recently, Orry shared as to what it takes to be in a party full of stars and how it feels to be in one. “To be in a party full of stars you have to agree and sign up to be the most relevant person in the room because I am not a star and it is an amazing feeling to be in a party with the most beautiful, coolest and interesting people in the world,” Orry told IANS.

He called the feeling real but also unreal at the same time. “The experience is reality but it is always unreal. Every time I am at a party and there is some

Bollywood actor or someone famous, I have to pinch myself each time because you see them on screen and then see them in person.
“These beautiful creatures, when they say the most simplest things…. the whole milky way is coming out of their faces and their eyes. Their ability to fascinate and mesmerise you with just a string of words is just wow,” he concluded.


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