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Myntra unveils AI-powered interactive chatbot for better shopping experience – Times of India


Myntra has introduced conversational AI-powered chatbot, Maya, to make customers’ shopping experience more seamless and customised.
The chatbot is available on the Myntra app and will assist users in navigating through Myntra’s wide assortment of styles by answering some of their specific and relatively intricate queries.
Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the feature harnesses its query understanding and conversational capabilities. Maya takes the user experience to a whole new level by offering search, based on one’s more natural style of texting, aided by its ChatGPT foundation and Myntra’s in-house cataloguing and search technology, which is aligned with customers’ newer ways of shopping and interaction. Customers can ask multiple questions, similar to how they would ask a sales assistant, and Maya will serve in real-time to ensure their fashion needs are met.
To begin with, the feature is being introduced to 10% of Myntra’s user base, with the plan to gradually expand its availability to a larger audience in the near future. The existing focus of the feature is set on providing relevant results to consumers and will be extended to perform additional tasks like summarizing ratings and reviews, assisting with size selection, gaining voice and image capabilities and much more, in the future.
What the company said
Raghu Krishnananda – Chief Product and Technology Officer, Myntra, said, “The introduction of our AI-powered shopping assistant, Maya, marks a significant milestone in our journey to elevate the shopping experience of millions of fashion-forward shoppers in the country by providing a conversational interface to our users. As the festive season kicks-in, we eagerly look forward to our customers engaging with Maya, with the confidence that their quest for finding the perfect fashion and lifestyle needs will be met with enhanced convenience.”


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