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Mona Singh talks about breaking the internet two times in 2023 with her selfies with Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

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Mona Singh finds it surprising that she became an internet sensation this year. Sharing selfies with Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan on different occasions, she had no idea they would garner so much attention on Instagram. Despite her success with three hit shows this year, it’s the talk surrounding these two selfies that continues to capture people’s attention.

Mona Singh expresses admiration for Shah Rukh Khan, emphasizing his reputation as ‘King Khan’ for valid reasons.Recalling an incident at his heavily guarded birthday celebration on November 2, she mentions that despite the presence of official photographers, no one was taking selfies. When she finally had the opportunity to meet and greet him personally, there were no photographers around. Understanding the situation, she asked for a picture, and Shah Rukh Khan apologized, explaining that there would be no selfies that night. Mona respected his decision.Exiting the party at 4 am, Mona approached Shah Rukh Khan once again to bid him good night. Seizing the opportunity, he inquired if she had obtained her desired picture. Recounting the encounter, she shares, “He said, ‘Come here, do you know how talented you are?’ He then took my phone and clicked a selfie. I told him I’d never forget this moment in my life. I was smiling on my way back home. I didn’t even know nobody had any picture with him. That’s why it blew out of proportion.”

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Mona reveals that Aamir Khan organized a screening of their movie Laal Singh Chaddha at Shah Rukh Khan’s residence, Mannat, last year. To her surprise, Shah Rukh recalled the exact outfit she wore on that occasion, even mentioning, “For the Laal Singh Chaddha screening, you were wearing a zari wala kurta to my house?” Impressed, she notes that he remembered the color of her kurta from an event that took place over a year ago in August.
Mona perceives a “deep connection” with the entire Khan family, considering that she shares the same birthday, October 8, with Shah Rukh Khan’s wife, Gauri Khan. She was moved by the warm reception she received at Mannat, where the entire family praised her portrayal of Laal’s mother in the movie. Recalling the experience, she says, “Shah Rukh sir loved it. He kept telling me how wonderful I was. He was so gracious.”

Mona attended the premiere of ‘The Archies’ earlier this month, creating a buzz on Instagram with a rare selfie featuring Aryan Khan. Describing the event, she mentioned it was the grandest premiere they had experienced. After congratulating Zoya and the cast, she ran into Aryan while leaving and complimented his sister’s performance in the movie. Proposing a selfie, Aryan graciously agreed, helping her get the angle right and humorously remarking, “Ma’am, it’s my job.” The moment unfolded organically.

Once again, Mona didn’t anticipate the significant attention the selfie with Aryan would receive, especially considering Aryan’s general avoidance of selfies. Recounting the party experience, she shared that Suhana approached her multiple times, expressing that her Archies gang wanted a selfie with Mona. Appreciating the well-mannered nature of the kids, Mona remarked, “They’re so beautiful inside out. That’s what upbringing does to you, irrespective of the class you’re from.” She then playfully pondered the possibility of the next internet-breaking selfie, perhaps with AbRam.


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