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Microsoft has been adding the Copilot to several of its apps and services including Bing app, Edge, Swiftkey keyboard and even Skype. Now, to make things more accessible for users, the company has launched a standalone Copilot app. As the name implies, the new app provides access to Microsoft’s AI chatbot to users on their mobile devices.
Microsoft Copilot app comes to Android
Microsoft has launched the Copilot app on Android and is now available to download via Google Play Store.This is a standalone app that does not require users to download the Bing app. Also, the app does not require users to login in order to use it. The iOS version isn’t available as of now and there’s no news on when that’s going to happen.
Microsoft Copilot app: Features available
Microsoft’s Copilot app brings a similar set of features as the ChatGPT app. It provides access to AI chatbot from Microsoft which is powered by GPT-4 at no additional cost. Microsoft is also in process to integrate the latest GPT-4 Turbo in the Copilot in future. On the other hand, the GPT-4 on ChatGPT app is a paid feature and users require to get a subscription to be able to use the advanced features the GPT-4 brings.
Additionally, the Copilot app also includes the DALL-E 3 powered image generation feature that let’s users generate images using the prompts.
How to download Copilot app and get started with it

  • Open Google Play Store and search for the Microsoft Copilot
  • From the search results, tap on the Copilot app and hit the Install button
  • Once downloaded, tap on Open button in the Play Store or opent the app from the app launcher
  • The app will ask for approximate location permission, provide the access if you want to
  • After this you’ll see the Copilot home screen with a couple of prompt suggestions, a microphone button at the bottom centre, new chat button at the left and a camera and keyboard button at the right side.


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