Loved Khushi Kapoor’s “leg dress” moment? Here’s how you can replicate it for your New Year’s Eve party

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Trends often make a comeback in the ever-evolving fashion sphere, and Khushi Kapoor is at the forefront of resurrecting a style that captivated the red carpet – the leg dress. This fashion statement also dubbed “the Angelina [Jolie] leg” after the actress wore a velvet Versace dress with a slit that went up to the waistline in 2012, is experiencing a resurgence thanks to Kapoor’s penchant for choosing bolder styles.

Khushi Kapoor was seen wearing a Jean-Louise Sabaji dress at the Forces of Fashion gala earlier this year where she was also honoured. The leg dress, characterised by its thigh-high slit that showcases a daring glimpse of the leg, exudes confidence with the right amount of sexy.

If you have wondered how to pull this look off for your New Year’s Eve parties, here are some handpicked leg dresses to consider. Opt for sleek, monochromatic designs for a timeless look, or experiment with bold prints and textures for a fun rendition. As the leg dress trend stages a comeback, Khushi Kapoor serves as a style icon, proving that timeless fashion statements can be reinvented and embraced with confidence. So, channel your inner glamour and elevate your wardrobe with these carefully curated leg dresses inspired by Kapoor’s impeccable style.

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