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The movie Karungaapiyam, directed by Deekay, seems to have received a largely negative reception. The reviewer criticizes the film for its banal horror, garbled stories, and underwhelming execution. They mention that the film consists of five different stories that are presented as chapters from a novel being read by one of the characters.

The first story involves a character named Meera, played by Raiza, who finds shelter at her neighbor’s house but soon realizes he is involved in nefarious activities. However, the reviewer finds this story to be lacking substance and describes it as underwhelming.

The second story features Janani as Kajal, a social media influencer who abducts strangers and cuts off their fingers for cooking viral biryani. The reviewer describes this segment as disturbing and is relieved when it ends abruptly.

The third story involves a singer and composer who encounter dead spirits at a studio. The reviewer finds the attempts at humor in this segment to be unsuccessful and mentions that the jokes fall flat.

In the next episode, an alien and its crew land on Earth and visit a bar. They try to teach two men about humanity and selflessness. The reviewer questions the inclusion of aliens in the story and suggests that the same message could have been conveyed without them.

The last story revolves around a widow from an affluent family who is considered a prognosticator. The villagers turn against her, and she is eventually abused to death. The reviewer finds this segment unreasonably disturbing.

The reviewer criticizes the film for relying on cheap thrills and clichéd horror elements such as ghost faces, torchlight tricks, and a predictable score. They also mention that the writing is incoherent and fails to connect the dots effectively. The performances of the multistarrer cast are described as prosaic and unable to salvage the film.

Overall, the reviewer expresses disappointment with Karungaapiyam, describing it as a wearying and inconsistent compilation of shoddy tales. The film’s attempts at conveying philosophical arguments are also criticized.

It’s worth noting that the reviewer’s opinion represents their personal view, and individual opinions on movies can vary.


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