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Israeli-American Gadi Haggai, held by Hamas, confirmed dead. Joe Biden is ‘heartbroken’


US President Joe Biden said he was “heartbroken” over the death of an American hostage, Gadi Haggai, who Hamas abducted during the October 7 attack in Israel. Meanwhile, Haggai’s wife Judith Weinstein, is still under captivity in Gaza, according to Israeli media outlet Haaretz.

US President Joe Biden(Bloomberg)
US President Joe Biden(Bloomberg)

“Jill (Biden) and I are heartbroken by the news that American Gadi Haggai is now believed to have been killed by Hamas on October 7. We continue to pray for the well-being and safe return of his wife, Judy,” the US president said in a statement released by the White House, as quoted by news agency Reuters.

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Earlier on Friday, a group representing hostages’ families had said that Haggai died in captivity. However, Biden’s statement didn’t give details about what happened to Haggai.

According to Haggai’s family statement cited by Haaretz, he was a talented chef, with a love for wind instruments. “We mourn the loss of our father and grandfather, and we continue to hope and pray that his body will be returned to us and that Judi is still alive and we will be reunited soon,” the family said in a statement.

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What happened on October 7?

On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists launched a sudden assault in southern Israel on a Jewish holiday. The terrorists massacred hundreds of innocent civilians, beheaded babies, raped women and abducted people.

People of different age groups including women and children were abducted during the attack by Hamas. In retaliation, Israel launched a war against Hamas in Gaza.

During the ongoing war, Israel and Hamas entered a truce for a few days during which 110 hostages including foreign nationals were released. As part of the hostage exchange deal, Israel freed 240 Palestinian prisoners.

However, more than 100 hundred Israeli hostages are still believed to be held under Hamas captivity in Gaza. Reportedly, Israel is trying for a new deal to ensure the safe release of the remaining hostages.

(With inputs from Reuters and other news agencies)


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