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In a grand spectacle uniting 200 fashion industry players, Moscow played host to the BRICS Fashion Summit this month, marking a significant step toward a comprehensive evolution of global fashion. The event, which commenced on November 28, drew professionals from more than 60 countries and featured the stellar collections of renowned Indian designers, including Ritesh Kumar, Naushad Ali, Gaurav Khanijo, and Shruti Sancheti. The summit culminated in a shared celebration of India’s rich handloom heritage, acclaimed as its unique selling proposition (USP). Designers and industry experts, in reflecting on the international BRICS Fashion Summit’s outcome, praised India’s remarkable participation and emphasized the pivotal role of the Indian handloom in the global fashion landscape.

A session at BRICS+Fashion Summit

Sunil Sethi, the president of the Fashion Design Council of India and the head of the Indian delegation at the summit, highlighted the universal appeal of India’s handloom craftsmanship, which captivated the interest of nations like Russia, China, Brazil, and South Africa. The summit, aspiring to build collective strength among the five participating countries, successfully integrated fashion, art, culture, and design on a monumental scale. Moscow’s commendable efforts in creating a platform that harmoniously brought together diverse elements of creativity were acknowledged by participants.

Designers at BRICS+Fashion Summit

During the summit, luminaries such as Rajesh Masand, president of the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India; Sameep Shastri, vice-president of the BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry; the chairman of the Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership; and Aishwarya Sharma, an actress and fashion activist, contributed to the vibrant exchange of ideas. The exhibition unfolded at The Pashkov House, a neoclassical mansion, setting the stage for collaboration among attendees, including Pavan Kapoor, Ambassador of India to Russia, industry experts, designers, buyers, representatives from fashion educational institutions, and heads of international fashion associations. This collaborative convergence underscored the summit’s success in fostering a global dialogue and cross-cultural exchange within the realm of fashion, art, and culture.

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