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INDIA bloc will defeat NDA in 2024: Sachin Pilot after Congress rally in Nagpur | India News – Times of India


NAGPUR: After the Congress’ ‘Hain Taiyyar Hum’ rally in Nagpur, Congress leader Sachin Pilot exuded confidence in the party’s victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
“The INDIA alliance and Congress Party are absolutely ready for the upcoming elections. The unprecedented public support we got in Nagpur further boosted our morale, and the INDIA alliance will defeat the NDA in 2024,” said Sachin Pilot.
“The central government is playing revenge politics. Attempts are being made to harm the image of opposition leaders. No one is afraid of any investigation, but the way Congress and other opposition leaders are being willingly targeted is completely wrong,” he added.
Rahul Gandhi, in his address at the ‘Hain Taiyyar Hum’ rally, exuded confidence that the grand old party will win elections in Maharashtra and across the country.
“This is a fight of ideologies. Together, we are going to win elections in Maharashtra and the country,” Gandhi said.
The Congress leader, during his address, also mentioned that there is an ongoing conflict between two opposing ideologies in the country.
“There is a fight of ideologies going on in the country. People think that it is a political fight, a fight for power, and it is that too, but the foundation of this fight is ideology. There are two ideologies. (Desh mai vichardhaara ki ladai chal rahi hai, logo ko lagta hai rajneetik ladai hai, satta ki ladai hai, vo hai, magar iss ladai ki neev jo hai vo vichardhara hai, do vichardhara hai),” Rahul Gandhi said.
The Congress kicked off its campaign for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections with the ‘Hain Tayyar Hum’ rally in Nagpur on Thursday. The Grand Old Party also celebrated their 139th Foundation Day on December 28.
The Congress put bar codes behind the chairs for crowdfunding during the rally in Nagpur. As a part of the Congress Crowdfunding Campaign ‘Donate for Desh’, which was launched earlier this month, a barcode was pasted behind all the chairs on the ground, and attendees of the ‘Hain Taiyyar Hum’ rally were urged to donate.


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