In 2024 these wellness trends will reign supreme, according to experts

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In a decade thus far blighted by a pandemic, war and climate change, investment in one’s wellbeing is a bulwark against the tide, helping build resilience. While we yearn for longevity, we don’t want to grow old. While we walk around sleepless, our bodies yearn for five-minutes of extra shut-eye. Wellness trends in the next year will focus on balancing hormones, resolving trauma, and yes, still, trying to sleep, among other trends. Throw in a cacao ceremony and dial the digits of your favourite astrologer and you’ll be set for the year.

Balancing hormones

Regulating hormones out of whack is top of the list when it comes to well-being in a fast-paced world marked by demanding lifestyles. Can the answer lie in Dinacharya, or developing an optimal daily routine rooted in discipline and moderation? The Rebalance Programme at Ananda in the Himalayas focuses on hormonal homeostasis. Dr Naresh Perumbuduri, a senior Ayurvedic physician and specialist in hormonal health, neurological disorders and fertility, at the center explains, “Enhance the quality of sleep, focus on spiritual and emotional wellness, carry out moderate physical and mental activity and balanced sexual intercourse, and eat a wholesome diet.”

Somatic therapies

“Somatic therapy will play a crucial role in wellness in the coming years. The emphasis on tapping into your physical sensations, feelings and thoughts can help an individual release tension, pain, and anxiety while improving overall well-being,”says Sophia Ali, psychotherapist and registered somatic movement therapist and educator.

Bottled-up emotions are let go through various mind-body techniques as familiar as breathwork or dance, or as obscure as havening (self-soothing movements) or resourcing (recalling personal resources to promote calm and safety). A series of steps of stroking different parts of your body along with positive reinforcement “reduces anxiety and distress associated with negative memories,” says Dr. Cijith Sreedhar, Chief Medical Officer, Prakriti Shakti.

Biohacking and Ayurveda

Now, data is being used to optimise our health, as seen in American entrepreneur Bryan Johnson’s $ 2 million-a-year biohacking, anti-ageing initiative. But now health data is being improved upon and personalised. At the Six Senses Fort Barwara, modern tech segues with Ayurveda. Wellness screenings result in a detailed report of wellness biomarkers, which are then combined with a pulse diagnosis for a prognosis. “This trend where the East meets the West gives data to guests and they are fascinated by this,” says Dr Neeru, its wellness director. Going forward, we won’t be surpsied if nadi and neuroplasticity are said in the same vein.

Sleep hygiene

India is riddled with sleep debt, touted to be the second-most sleep-deprived nation in the world, with slumber a perennial, elusive pipe dream for many Indians. From hypnotherapists to energy healers, in recent times there has been a rise in practitioners who attempt to nix bedtime procrastination and help shed the emotional baggage that stops us from lumbering into slumber at Lala land. “Sleeping no longer is a necessity, but rather a luxury. With the increasing incidence of sleep disorders, stress, and a busy lifestyle, sleep-promoting wellness offerings and therapies are in demand. In response, India’s wellness market is seeing a surge in demand for ayurvedic therapies and wellness offerings that address these needs,” says Dr. J, from Six Senses Vana, which offers sleep programs.

Pursuit of bliss

In an age of FOMO, achieving bliss is never a linear road. A warren of off-the-beaten tracks hold the path, but not the promise of Nirvana. Spiritual, scientific as well as woo-woo practices have taken centerstage in the quest for ecstasy and a deeper understanding of life. Satsanga, mantra recitation, manifestation, mindfulness, sound baths, cacao ceremonies, and even the astro sciences are no longer playing cameos when it comes to mastery of the self or learning about the mysterious workings of the universe. There’s a deeper meaning underlying this. Vedic Astrology Teacher and Counsellor, Medha, who runs an academy of cosmic learning, Tender Wisdom, says, “It’s important to understand that learning addition, multiplication or Newton’s law of motion or even knowing the names of countries doesn’t prepare you to deal with heartbreaks in life. We seek answers for sanity.”

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