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HTech to launch Honor Choice earbuds X5 in India next year – Times of India


HTech has announced that it is all set to expand the Conor product portfolio in India. The company has revealed that the upcoming product lineup will include smartphones, smart devices and other AIoT products. The Honor Choice earbuds X5 will be the first product of the company to launch early next year.
“We understand the IoT market in India is competitive and consumers expect cutting-edge technology and reliability in connected devices. HONOR maintains a strong focus on product quality and innovation across its range of products,” said the company.
HTech is looking at building an end-to-end supply chain in India, which will help generate around 4,000 new jobs approximately by the end of next year.
“HTech is also providing strong customer support and after-sales service with a network of 400 centers across the country,” the company informed.
Honor plans an IPO
After its separation from Huawei in 2020, Honor, now China’s leading smartphone vendor in Q3, is contemplating an Initial Public Offering (IPO) as a strategic move to diversify its funding sources.
Honor’s board has issued a notice outlining the company’s intention to optimise its shareholding structure, attract varied capital, and enter the capital market through an IPO. However, the notice does not provide specific details regarding the financial aspects, location, or timetable of the proposed transaction.
In preparation for the IPO, Honor will also revamp its board of directors to ensure compliance with governance and regulatory requirements, with an emphasis on fostering greater diversity within the board.


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