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How to send disappearing messages in Google Messages – Times of India


Ever wish you could send a secret message that vanishes like smoke after being read?Well, Google Messages offers just the magic trick with its disappearing messages feature. Here’s how to activate disappearing messages in Google Messages:
Open a conversation:

  • Launch the Google Messages app and tap on the conversation where you want to send a disappearing message.

Tap the “+” icon:

  • In the bottom left corner of the chat screen, locate the “+” icon and tap on it.

Select “Turn on disappearing messages:

  • From the options that appear, choose “Turn on disappearing messages.”

Choose your message lifespan:

  • Select how long you want the message to remain visible before disappearing:

Compose and send your message:

  • Type your message as usual.
  • Tap the “Send” button.

Watch it vanish:

  • The message will appear normally in the chat, but both you and the recipient will see a timer indicating when it will disappear.
  • Once the time expires, the message will automatically vanish from both devices, leaving no trace (unless someone took a screenshot).

Additional tips:

  • To turn off disappearing messages for a conversation, simply follow the same steps and select “Turn off disappearing messages.”
  • You can also set disappearing messages as the default for all new conversations by going to Settings > General > Disappearing messages.


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