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How to save parking location with Android Auto – Times of India


Android Auto, the in-car interface by Google, continues to enhance the driving experience with its array of user-friendly features. Recently, the company has added the ability to effortlessly save your parking location to help users easily find the parking spot of your car.
How does the feature work?
With the new feature, Android Auto now prompts users to save their parking location in Google Maps on reaching the destination. The feature appears to be simple, but it can come in handy in case of complicated parking locations like malls, or community parkings. Android Auto prompts users a new Save Parking toggle on the screen. Tapping on it saves the parking location.
How to use Parking spot saving feature in Androud Auto
Connect your smartphone:
Whether you choose a wired or wireless connection, link your smartphone to Android Auto. This establishes a bridge between your device and the in-car interface, unlocking a range of features to enhance your driving experience.
Utilise Google Maps for navigation:
Launch Google Maps within the Android Auto interface. This powerful combination provides you with real-time navigation, ensuring you reach your destination efficiently. Android Auto’s intuitive design makes it easy to interact with Maps without distraction.
3. Drive to your destination:
Hit the road with confidence as Android Auto guides you to your destination through the Google Maps interface. Enjoy turn-by-turn directions, traffic updates, and other helpful features designed for a smooth driving experience.
4. Find a suitable parking spot:
Upon reaching your destination, use Android Auto’s intuitive interface to locate a suitable parking spot. Whether you’re exploring a bustling city or a quiet neighborhood, finding parking becomes a hassle-free task.
5. Save parking location with a toggle:
As you park, Android Auto anticipates your needs. A convenient Save Parking toggle automatically appears on the screen. This thoughtful feature eliminates the need for manual intervention, ensuring that saving your parking location is as simple as a tap.
6. Simply toggle to save
With your car safely parked, all it takes is a quick toggle of the switch on the Android Auto screen to save your parking location. This action triggers the system to record the spot, so you can retrieve it effortlessly when needed.
Retrieving your parking spot
When it’s time to locate your vehicle, open Google Maps and look for the distinctive yellow parking pin. This visual indicator, combined with the saved location, simplifies the process of finding your parked car.


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