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While you might be good at your work, with a volatile job market and sudden layoffs, there might be days when you feel insecure about your position at work. Or you simply can’t stand a co-worker, and this leads to you feeling insecure and jealous of them. This is quite a common scenario that is often seen in the workplace. After all, we are all humans– no matter our designations at work! If you feel so too, then here are some ways you can deal with insecurity and jealousy at work.This requires a combination of self-reflection, effective and clear communication, and proactive strategies to avoid being triggered. Here’s a guide to navigate these challenging emotions:
1. Self-reflection
Understanding what causes of your insecurity and jealousy is the first step to control your emotions at the workplace. Reflect on your own strengths, achievements, weaknesses and areas for improvement. Shift your focus from your co-workers to yourself, instead of comparing yourself to others. Be mindful of what you think and do. This will make you more productive and calm.
2. Positive self-talk
When insecurity and jealousy creeps in, challenge these negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Remind yourself of your skills, hardwork, and the values you bring to the team. Affirming things like “I am good at my work”, “I am secure at my job and position”, or “Everyone likes me at work” will help build your self-confidence.
3. Clear and effective communication
If jealousy stems from a specific situation or colleague, consider having an open and honest conversation with them. Express your thoughts and feelings calmly, focusing on your own experience rather than blaming the other person. Seek advice on how to improve, and fostering a supportive environment. Also, ensure that your manager or boss is aware of this one-to-one talk with your colleague.

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4. Practice mindfulness and stress management techniques
Incorporating mindfulness practices, like meditation or deep breathing, helps in managing stress and maintaining your emotional balance. Mindfulness can help you stay present in the moment, reduce your anxiety, and improve your overall well-being. You can also practice writing your thoughts and emotions down when feeling overwhelmed at work due to a specific colleague or scenario, or taking a short break for a walk to clear your mind off the negativities.
5. Practice gratitude
Instead of focusing on the negativity, try practicing gratitude and being thankful for what you have. Gratitude can help reframe your mindset and reduce feelings of inadequacy.
6. Build a support system
Be friends with colleagues who uplift and inspire you. Talk to a trusted mentor and share your goals and challenges with them, and seek their help and support. A strong support system can help alleviate your feelings of isolation and competition at the workplace.

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