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NEW DELHI: On the event marking the commissioning of INS Imphal, defence minister Rajnath Singh vowed to ferret out the perpetrators of the attacks on merchant navy ships MV Chem Pluto and MV Sai Baba even from the “depths of the seas” and take tough action against them. Singh emphasized India’s commitment to maritime security and its role as a net security provider in the Indian Ocean Region.
Here’s what the defence minister said on ramped up security
Speaking on punishing the attackers of the drone attack, defence minister Rajnath Singh said, “The Indian Navy has increased surveillance on the sea. Whoever has carried out this attack, we will find them even if it is from the seabed. Those behind these attacks would be brought to justice,”. Further adding that the government is resolute in taking tough action against those responsible for the drone attacks on merchant navy ships.
Singh highlighted the increasing turbulence in the seas, attributing it to the nation’s growing economic and strategic power, which has sparked jealousy and animosity from certain quarters.
Drone attack on Ship off Indian coast
MV Chem Pluto, with 21 Indian crew members, fell victim to a drone strike about 217 nautical miles from Porbandar. The Indian Navy and Coast Guard promptly mobilized assets to assist the vessel. Another ship, MV Sai Baba, a Gabon-flagged crude oil tanker, faced a similar drone attack in the southern Red Sea. Iran-backed Houthi rebels, fighting a civil war in Yemen, are suspected to have targeted the India-bound ships.
In response to the attacks, the Indian Navy initiated focused maritime security operations in the Arabian Sea. Chief of Naval Staff Admiral R Hari Kumar informed that three state-of-the-art warships had been deployed to safeguard India-bound merchant vessels, supported by destroyers, P-8I aircraft, Dorniers, Sea Guardians, helicopters and Coast Guard ships, affirming the Navy’s commitment to countering threats of piracy and drone attacks in the region.
Watch Navy unveils drone attack images on India-bound ship; ICG safely escorts MV Chem Pluto to Mumbai


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