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You are likely to grow in your career this year. Dedication and a readiness to adapt to change will assist your job growth. Remain focused, be bold and cautious simultaneously, and don’t miss any opportunity to try new things.
Employed professionals: This year, Saturn will be in the sixth house. Your hard work will be on display. This is the time to consider systematic methods of handling tasks.Look forward to recognition for your efforts, and you could be offered more roles early in the year. In April, Jupiter’s influence in the eighth house will be suitable for digging into your career goals. Research can be conducted, and discovering hidden potentials can be embraced to lead to success. This will be a payoff phase for skills or knowledge enhancement investments.
After April, as Jupiter enters the ninth house, your career path broadens towards growth and diverse learning experiences. These opportunities may come from abroad or areas like spirituality, higher education, or cross-country connections.
Rahu, in the seventh, can cause unplanned collaborations or alliances. However, it could also indicate some unpredictability in professional relationships. Networking will be critical, but being clear and transparent in partnerships will also be crucial.
Job seekers: Saturn’s influence on the sixth house this year will bring new work and stability. Till April, when Jupiter graces the eighth house, you could consider projects within non-traditional areas such as partnership or research. This is the time for investment in self-improvement.
From April, as Jupiter moves to the ninth house, your focus will shift to broader perspectives, education, and long-term plans. This is an excellent phase to register for further studies or acquire new skills.
Rahu in the seventh house means a time for building relationships in your public life. Not being attracted to sudden business deals is crucial as they may not meet expectations. Ketu gives introspection and self-realisation this year as it is placed in the first house. Use this placement to evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and goals.


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