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GlobalLogic announces acquisition of US-based Mobiveil – Times of India


GlobalLogic, a Hitachi Group Company, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Mobiveil, a specialized embedded engineering services firm headquartered in the United States. The acquisition aims to expand GlobalLogic’s existing capabilities in Embedded Software which is essential for new digital products and services in key industries including Semiconductor, Automotive, Media, and MedTech, and High Tech.The acquisition also brings marquee client relationships and providesGlobalLogic with immediate access to a substantial skilled talent pool relevant to the industry.
GlobalLogic will benefit from Mobiveil’s mature embedded engineering Centers of Excellence (CoEs) based in five locations across the US and India. These centres will complement GlobalLogic’s existing CoEs in Central and Eastern Europe. Mobiveil’s competencies will enhance GlobalLogic’s capabilities across embedded software, hardware and ASIC technologies.
“This is an incredible opportunity to bring together two innovative firms with highly experienced talent serving many of the world’s top brands,” said Nitesh Banga, CEO, GlobalLogic. “This strategic move underscores our commitment to meeting evolving client demands and cultivating a highly skilled talent pool. We’re excited to welcome Mobiveil into the GlobalLogic family and look forward to writing the next chapter in the industry together.”
“Our journey with GlobalLogic began as a collaboration, and it is now evolving into an integration that will bring immense value to our clients, “said Ravi Thummarkudy, CEO, Mobiveil. “We are happy to join forces with GlobalLogic, a highly respected name in Digital Engineering and a part of the Hitachi Group. This acquisition offers Mobiveil the opportunity to become part of GlobalLogic’s unique culture, and to expand our capabilities and collaborate on new, innovative projects. We look forward to leveraging this partnership to deliver cutting-edge solutions and elevate our industry impact.”
Three co-founders of Mobiveil, Ravi Thummarukudy, Gopa Periyadan and Srinivasan Duraiswamy will join the GlobalLogic leadership team.


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