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GIFT City rules eased ahead of Vibrant Gujarat Global summit; Liquor Sale Will Remain Prohibited | India News – Times of India


GANDHINAGAR: The move to relax prohibition rules at GIFT City (Gujarat International Financial Tech-City) comes days ahead of the coveted Vibrant Gujarat Global summit and at a time when the hub is gaining traction as a global nerve centre for new-age financial and technology services.
“Hotels, restaurants, and clubs located or setting up their base in GIFT City will be able to obtain a particular FL3 licence to offer wine and dine facility,” according to a government press release.
The sale of liquor bottles, however, will be prohibited in the area. The entire process of importing, storing and serving liquor by licensed hotels, restaurants and clubs in the GIFT City area will be monitored and controlled by the prohibition and excise department of Gujarat government.

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Permits to visitors to consume liquor will be subject to approval by HR heads of firms based in GIFT City, said a source close to the development.Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) president, Shaktisinh Gohil, lashed out at the BJP government in the state, for giving a backdoor entry to liquor in ‘Gandhi’s Gujarat’. In response to the state government announcement to relax the prohibition norms at GIFT City on Friday, Gohil circulated a video message stating how prohibition is ensuring growth, development, and safety in Gujarat.
“The state capital is associated with Mahatma Gandhi. Granting permission to consume liquor within GIFT City, which also has residential premises, is unacceptable. Instead of clamping down on the flow of liquor, the government is opening up GIFT City to liquor flow,” he said.
The GPCC president also argued how under Congress rule in 1992, Gujarat could attract investments from Reliance, Essar and General Motors despite prohibition.
The move comes following representations from various quarters to relax dry laws in order to attract top talent from across the world in the fintech sector.
Over the years, industrialists and professionals have repeatedly underlined the need to relax prohibition in the state to create an “international ambience” for global professionals.
The chorus for lenient liquor laws has only grown louder with industry captains collectively voicing their concerns over stringent liquor laws dissuading young talent from willing to work in the dry state.


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