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Garena Free Fire Max Redeem Codes for December 20: Win freebies and rewards – Times of India


Garena Free Fire Max, an enhanced version of the original Free Fire game, introduced high-resolution graphics to provide an immersive gaming experience. Despite the Indian government’s restrictions on the original Free Fire, fans can still enjoy a suitable alternative available on various app stores.
Playing Garena Free Fire Max
In this multiplayer battle royale game, 50 players compete for victory.Players can strategically choose their starting positions, gather supplies, and arm themselves to survive the intense battlefield. However, only one player can emerge as the ultimate winner in this action-packed adventure.
Garena Free Fire Max Redeem Codes
To enhance the gaming experience, developers regularly introduce new alphanumeric codes that players can use to unlock rewards and progress through different levels. Here are the redeem codes for December 20:
Redeeming Garena Free Fire Max Codes
Follow these simple steps to redeem the codes for today (December 20):
1. Visit the official redemption page: reward.ff.garena(.)com/en
2. Log in using your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, or VK IDs.
3. Copy and paste the redeem codes into the provided text field and confirm by clicking “confirm.”
4. After confirmation, a dialogue box will appear for cross-referencing. Click “OK” to complete the code redemption.
Things to keep in mind

  • Claim your prizes in the in-game mail section.
  • The codes are not applicable to guest accounts; connect your account to Facebook or VK to receive rewards.
  • Allow 24 hours for the rewards to be processed.


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