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G-Dragon shares cryptic post ahead of Lee Sun-kyun’s funeral – Times of India

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Global K-pop sensation G-Dragon‘s latest post has caught everyone’s attention.
The star took to his Instagram stories to share an image of a white chrysanthemum against a black background. G-Dragon, however, did not share a caption, prompting all sorts of speculations from fans. Many guessed that the post was a silent expression of condolence in the wake of Lee Sun-kyun‘s untimely passing.
As news of the ‘Parasite’ actor’s demise broke, coincidentally, G-Dragon found himself thrust into the spotlight as he also faced an investigation by the Incheon Police Narcotics Crime Investigation Division. This investigation unfolded around the same time as the late actor’s legal proceedings.G-Dragon managed to clear his name, receiving a non-prosecution disposition. In stark contrast, Lee had to sit through three rounds of questioning, including one which went on for 19 hours.
Latest reports suggest that Lee had requested the authorities for a private summon, but as the request was rejected, he faced the camera in the photo line. It is speculated that G-Dragon, having experienced a similar situation, strongly empathized with Lee Sun-kyun and the humiliation he endured.

Lee was found unconscious in a park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on the morning of December 27, with subsequent police reports confirming his demise. The artist had been under scrutiny since October for alleged violations of the Narcotics Control Act, involving the use of psychotropic drugs and marijuana. Throughout the investigation, Lee maintained his ignorance of the substance’s nature.
On the day preceding his demise, on the 26th, Lee Sun-kyun, through his lawyer, requested a polygraph test and urged the police to conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations.

The actor will be laid to rest in a private funeral ceremony that is scheduled to take place later today.

Korea: ‘Parasite’ actor Lee Sun-Kyun found dead in a city park in Seoul


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