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From serial killer to author: Jayanandan’s redemption journey | India News – Times of India


KOCHI: Thanks to his family who stood by him despite what he did and to police officers who refused to let him rot in prison, convicted serial killer ‘RipperJayanandan is a transformed man. On Saturday, during the launch of his book ‘Pulariviriyum Munpe‘ (Before The Dawn), a memoir thinly disguised as a novel, Jayanandan, serving a life sentence for the past 17 years in Thrissur’s Viyyur jail, spoke of the remorse he felt while in death row and the change it brought in him.
“One day, while awaiting execution, I was travelling in a police jeep through a village in Kottayam. Along the way, I saw a blind young woman carrying her baby on her shoulder while holding the hands of her father. They were tired. But the scene of an old man who was carefully supporting the blind woman haunted me. As a man waiting for death, that scene evoked many thoughts about life in me and inspired me to write the novel. At that moment, I even contemplated donating my eyes to the blind woman after the execution,” Jayanandan said.
The novel, which tells the story of Chidambaran, a man awaiting execution in Kannur central prison, was released by Justice (retd) K Narayana Kurup at a function held in Ernakulam press club in the presence of Jayanandan and his family members. The 56-year-old convict was recently granted escorted parole by the Kerala high court to attend the function. His daughter Keerthi,26, a lawyer, had appeared in the high court for her father’s parole on a petition moved by her mother.
Jayanandan was an accused in five murder cases. Later, he was acquitted in three cases and convicted in two. One of the two cases did not see an appeal beyond the trial court. He was sentenced to death in the double murder of an aged couple in Thrissur in 2014. The Kerala HC, however, commuted the death sentence to life term without parole in 2016.
“In the early days of my imprisonment, my mind was in turmoil. I was alone in a cell. My mind was like a sea that was constantly making noise and beating waves. I wanted to prove my innocence. But no one was there to hear or understand me. It was a turning point in my prison life when a lawyer from Delhi visited me and advised me to read books,” said Jayanandan.


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