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Happy hour: How Indian food and dining shone

[ad_1] RULING LISTS Phirni and kheer made it to a list of their 10 best puddings from across the world, butter chicken tikka was recognized among the world’s highest-rated chicken dishes, and shahi paneer featured on a list of the world’s best cheese dishes. India frequently features on the various [...]

Add an old English twist to your holiday cocktails with sloe gin. Here are 4 recipes

[ad_1] Sloe gin is a festive old English drink that’s especially well-suited to the winter holidays. You can drink it over ice, try it in a cocktail, or forage for sloe berries and make a home batch. Family recipes have been passed down for generations, but for novices, it’s easy [...]

3 irresistible recipes to welcome New Year 2024: Chicken Pops, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Garlic Prawns

[ad_1] ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi As the clock ticks away the final moments of 2023, people around the world come together to celebrate the arrival of a new chapter in their lives in the warmth of good food and cherished traditions where the New Year‘s eve feast is a feast [...]

Healthy breakfast smoothie bowls: From green smoothie to avocado bowl, 5 delicious and creative recipes you must-try

[ad_1] For those who need something nutritious on the go, healthy smoothie recipes can be the perfect solution. All you need to do is throw a few ingredients into a blender, grab a straw and a glass, and you’re ready to go in seconds. Simple, right? However, not every smoothie [...]

Merry Christmas 2023: From plum pudding to gingerbread cookies, 4 mouthwatering and exotic recipes to savour the season

[ad_1] The Christmas season has arrived, bringing with it bright decorations, delicious treats and a merry atmosphere. What better way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year than with a culinary journey that defies convention and celebrates the exotic. Imagine a table laden with mouth-watering delicacies that showcase [...]

Festive feasting: Elevate your Christmas spread with Chicken Tenders in Tuscan Cream and Coconut Crumbled-Prawns

[ad_1] Christmas food is a delightful symphony of flavours that brings families and friends together in celebration where the holiday table is adorned with an array of festive dishes from succulent roasted meats glazed to perfection, to comforting sides and sweet treats taking center stage courtesy the decadent desserts like [...]

3 delicious and healthy recipes to relish walnut this winter season

[ad_1] Winter brings a cornucopia of seasonal treats as it wraps the globe in a cold embrace. Rich in heart-healthy fats, antioxidants and a wonderful crunch that adds warmth to any dish, walnuts are one of the season’s treasures. Walnuts have many health benefits and a delicious nutty flavour that [...]

Samosa to dosa, lip-smacking jowar recipes for your winter indulgence

[ad_1] Jowar or sorghum, the ancient grain has been gaining approval in modern diets thanks to its nutrient-rich profile and a range of health benefits. Gluten-free and high in resistant starch, jowar can work wonders in controlling chronic disease symptoms. A storehouse of fibre, B-complex vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin [...]