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Five new features Google rolled out to Gmail in 2023 – Times of India


Gmail, the email service from Google, is used by millions of people on a daily basis. 2023 saw a slew of new features arrive in Gmail. These features were aimed at boosting productivity, enhance security, and had a dash of AI. Here are five new features Gmail got in 2023:
Help Me Write
It was a big year for Google in terms of AI features. Gmail for its own AI assistant in the form of Help Me Write.This new feature, launched in May, suggests drafts based on the context of your email recipient and subject line. You can choose the tone and length of the response, making it ideal for those quick, professional emails.
Side-by-side view on tablets
Multitasking on tablets in 2023 got easier. Gmail for Android tablets now lets you open links and attachments directly beside your email content in landscape mode. This split-screen view eliminates the need for constant switching between tabs, boosting efficiency and keeping your email flow uninterrupted.
Stronger phishing protection
Gmail’s built-in security received a significant upgrade in October. Now, it offers stronger protection against more sophisticated phishing attempts. Sensitive actions like sending money or downloading attachments trigger additional warning prompts, giving you extra time to double-check the sender’s legitimacy.
Emoji reactions in Google Chat
Google Chat, integrated within Gmail, got a fun and expressive update. You can now react to messages with emojis, adding a touch of personality and instant feedback to your online conversations.
Priority Inbox enhancements
Gmail’s Priority Inbox, which separates important emails from the noise, got smarter in 2023. It now learns from your reading and interaction patterns, automatically adjusting which emails land in your priority section, ensuring you never miss what truly matters.
These were some of the key features Gmail got. In 2024, expect more AI-related features to arrive in Google’s apps and services, including Gmail.


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