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Did you know the singer of Bobby Deol’s entry song, ‘Jamal Kudu’ is yesteryear actress Mumtaz’s niece? | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

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Bobby Deol‘s entry song in ‘Animal‘, ‘Jamal Kudu‘ has gone viral on social media ever since the release of the movie. From getting everyone grooving to the beats to becoming obsessed with it, the vibe of this song is simply irresistible.
While the song is a version of an Iranian folk song titled, ‘Jamaal Jamaaloo‘, not many know that it is sung by yesteryear actress Mumtaz‘s niece Shahnaaz Randhawa.In an interview with a senior film journalist Chaitanya Padukone, Shahnaaz reacted to the song getting an overwhelming response and going viral on social media.

The music enthusiast took a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about her childhood when her grandmother used to sing the original Iranian version of this song. This is why she is quite familiar with the tune.

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Discussing the same style, Mumtaz’s niece, Shahnaaz Randhawa, explained that this is the typical way traditional Iranian folk songs are sung. It involves rhythmic finger-snapping and clapping to enhance the catchiness of the song.
Continuing the interview, Shahnaaz Randhawa disclosed that numerous composers have drawn inspiration from various Iranian tunes. She commended Sandeep Reddy Vanga‘s film ‘Animal’ and applauded the masterful performances of the cast. Furthermore, she highlighted how the remixed Iranian song, ‘Jamal Kudu,’ added an extra layer of brilliance to the movie.

According to various online sources, the Iranian song ‘Jamal Kudu’ was originally composed by Iran’s Hazareh Group and is an adaptation of a poem written by Iranian poet Bijan Smander. For the movie, the song was composed by Harshavardhan Rameshwar. The choir for the song included Mumtaz’s niece, Shahnaaz Randhawa, along with Shabina, Abhikya, Aishwarya, Meghna Naidu, and others.

In a previous interview with Bollywood Spy, Bobby Deol admitted to being clueless about how to perform on the song. He shared that he infused a twist in his steps, drawing inspiration from his childhood memories when he and his friends, after getting drunk, would place a glass on their heads and continue dancing. Furthermore, he expressed his delight at the overwhelmingly positive responses to the song.


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