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It is expected to be a busy year, Cancer! Make the transformation, growth and connections work for your success in the long run. Think outside the box, be flexible and be bold. They will be your lighthouses, guiding you in the right direction throughout the year.
Employed professionals: Saturn will be placed in the eighth house. This urges you to consider a new approach to your career. It is a time of change, and your career path could have unforeseen obstacles. Sharpen your focus, and do not make hasty decisions. With Jupiter placed in the tenth house till April, your toil and efforts come out clear. You may be promoted, get additional work or be recognised as an expert due to your actions and commitment.
In April, Jupiter will shift to the eleventh house, where you can expand your networking and explore possible collaborations. Relationships and teamwork might also be of help at such a time. This year, Rahu in the ninth house signifies your inclination to search for uncommon knowledge. It is an educative phase; it will make you travel and meet people with different ideas. The third house will have Ketu this year, which urges you to be careful in signing contracts and other business dealings.
Job seekers: Saturn will be in your eighth house this year, and this is the time of transformative changes in professional life and relationships. Some delays or hindrances will try your patience, and you will learn essential lessons. Spend this time for some introspection, re-order your vision, and set long-term strategic goals.
Being in the tenth house until April may mean career prospects and honourable acknowledgement. While at this stage, take any opportunity that comes your way. Network, develop more skills and display your top performances. After April, as Jupiter progresses into the eleventh house, it calls for collaboration and teamwork to succeed. Networking efforts will yield positive results, leading to new job opportunities. On the other hand, Rahu, in the ninth house, advises avoiding hasty actions. Be sure to thoroughly research and strategically plan for any new opportunity.


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