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OpenAI’s ChatGPT app has been available on mobile devices for a while now and Microsoft has recently launched the Copilot app which is also powered by Open AI’s GPT large language model. That said, both the AI chatbots rely on the same technology underneath. However, both apps take different approaches to offer users the answer to their prompts.
In this article, we will compare the two AI chatbots and see how both compare in terms of features and functionality.
ChatGPT vs Copilot app: Supported language models
As mentioned, both the chatbots are powered by OpenAI’s large language models. However, Copilot comes with GPT-4 integration for free. On the other hand, the ChatGPT defaults to GPT-3 and users need a subscription to access the GPT-4 language model and its advanced capabilities. Also, the Copilot app has a dedicated toggle for GPT-4 right on the home screen.
Also, Copilot offers support for the DALL-E 3-based image generation feature that’s available for free. The ChatGPT app can also do that but the feature is limited to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.
Most importantly, Copilot can be used without logging in with a Microsoft account, the same can’t be done with the ChatGPT app.
ChatGPT vs Copilot app: Features
Both ChatGPT and Copilot do the same thing in their way. ChatGPT without the Plus membership comes with a limited database which is limited till 2021. OpenAI has solved this problem with Plus membership and can use the latest data and also GPT-4 to offer much more recent and relevant information to users.
Copilot does not have any subscription model and all the features are available for free. Also, it offers the latest and recent information due to Bing search integration.
Microsoft has also made Copilot offer multiple other features like the ability to change the mood and tone of responses by selecting “More Creative”, “More Precise” and “More Balanced” tones while generating responses.
ChatGPT and Copilot also have some similarities. For instance, both can utilise voice-based prompts and can also have a conversation with users verbally. Both support the camera based inputs, but ChatGPT’s feature is limited to a Plus subscription.


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