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National Amusements, the parent company of CBS and Paramount, has reported a hack that took place last year. The company revealed the information about the hack in a legal filing with Maine’s Attorney General, as reported by TechCrunch.
The breach has affected 82,128 people. The company has started informing affected individuals as of last week. It is not clear whether only employee data or customer data was stolen.
In December 2022, National Amusements suffered a data breach resulting in the compromise of the personal information of 82,128 individuals, including 64 residents of Maine. The breach may have involved internal employee data, though specific personal information that was compromised has not been disclosed.
“On or about December 15, 2022, National Amusements became aware of suspicious activity in our computer network,” the notification sent to affected individuals reads. “We immediately took steps to secure our network and minimise any disruption to our operations.”
The “data breach discovered” is listed as August 23, 2023, which suggests that the company did not take immediate action since they only learned of the intrusion eight months after the incident.
According to the notice filed with Maine, hackers obtained financial information, including bank account and credit card numbers, along with associated security codes, passwords, or secrets.
In response to this breach, National Amusements has stated that customers whose social security numbers were compromised will receive 12 months of credit monitoring and identity theft services from Experian.
In a filing submitted to the Massachusetts attorney general earlier this year, Paramount disclosed a security breach in August. The breach resulted in the theft of personal information belonging to an unknown number of customers, such as their names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, or other government-issued identification numbers. The two incidents seem to be different.


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