BTS’ V earns first grade in physical test, is eating really well during military training – Times of India

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Earlier this month, BTSV enlisted for his mandatory military training and a netizen has revealed an interesting detail from his enlistment.
An internet user has shared that his brother is in the same platoon as V and revealed that the singer has been eating well and has got a first grade level during the physical test.

The original post, translated in English reads, “He got a first-grade level during the physical test.(I don’t know if they all got first grade.) He didn’t see RM. My brother is in the squad next to V’s, so he’s moving with V. My brother thinks V will be comfortable because he’s smiling with his colleagues. And everyone seems to be comfortable with him without feeling uncomfortable because he is a celebrity. So he’ll stay comfortable. My brother was also fascinated by him on the first day, but now he only sees him as a colleague. Nothing is hard yet, but he sighed that it will probably be hard from next week.”
On December 11, RM and V had enlisted for the mandatory military training. It is being reported that RM is in the 9th Company and V is in the 10th Company at the Nonsan (training center). They are apparently allowed to use mobile phones during the weekends.


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