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AMRITSAR: Apprehending potential attempts to disrupt peace and breach security from the Pakistani side during the ongoing foggy conditions, the Border Security Force (BSF) is taking the help of technology, including thermal imaging cameras and other sophisticated equipment, to thwart human intrusion and to preempt rogue drone attacks from across the border at the International borders with Pakistan in Punjab.
Drawing lessons from the infiltration of fidayeen from Pakistan on the foggy night of December 31, 2015, who breached not only the security of the international border in Punjab but also that of the Pathankot airforce base, initiating attacks on January 2, 2016, the BSF has taken comprehensive measures to avert any such attempts during predicted periods of heavy and prolonged fog in the region, said highly placed sources.
Sources further said that the objective was not only to prevent human intrusion but also to counter the increasing threat of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) from Pakistan, which has become a routine concern and could even drop an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).
“We cannot forget the drone attacks on Jammu Air Force station on June 27, 2021, when two low-intensity explosive-laden drones crashed into the high-security area. The ISI operatives has the capability to carry out similar attacks in Punjab”, said sources.
According to BSF reports, the border guarding force has downed or recovered over 100 Pak drones that had intruded into the Indian territory in Punjab during the current year. The maximum number of drones had intruded in the moths of November and December, said sources.
When contacted, BSF Inspector General, Punjab Frontier, Atul Fulzele, said, ‘Keeping in view the deep and long prediction of fog this year, the BSF has intensified border domination and implemented all standard operating procedures”.
Atul informed that they were utilizing thermal imaging cameras to see through the fog, along with other high-end surveillance equipment, to prevent any temerarous attempts from across the border.
When asked whether he anticipates any human intervention from the Pakistani side, IG replied, “Pakistan is known for notorious activities, and we are prepared for any eventuality. We have taken measures accordingly, especially in the Amritsar sector and the border areas where infiltration has taken place in the past.”


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