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Bluesky, a decentralised social network, has recently introduced new features to its platform. The new features include an in-app video and music player for links, and a “hide post” option, and the option to read posts without logging in.
The in-app video and music player is compatible with YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitch embeds. Unlike X, where videos autoplay by default, Bluesky’s player requires users to tap on the content to play it.This means that users will have to initiate the playback manually if they wish to watch or listen to the content.
The new “hide post” feature allows users to remove any posts they don’t want to see again from their feeds. If a user visits the post directly, it will also be hidden behind a mask.
Bluesky has also fixed a bug that caused muted and blocked account listings to appear as empty. An issue that led to an empty home screen has also been resolved, along with a crash bug that would occasionally occur while interacting with threads.
The social media platform has also updated its platform to allow users to view posts without logging in. Users can access posts through a link, and publishers can embed Bluesky posts in blogs. Additionally, users can share them in private or group chats.
If a user wants to limit the visibility of their posts to only logged-in users, they can do so by toggling a setting in the account under Settings > Moderation > Logged-out visibility. Please note that this limit only applies to Bluesky’s website and app.
This change allows users to view Bluesky posts without logging in, and publishers to embed Bluesky posts in their blogs. However, to create an account and post content, an invitation is still required.
Bluesky has gained 2 million users since its launch in February, and it is available on both Android and iOS.


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